News & Updates

  • An Update
    First, I want to extend another heartfelt thank you to all of you for the reception of Proton Reader so far. I was incredibly overwhelmed with the support, the submissions, and the response to our first issue. I loved every story we published and I’m so glad you did too! Second, I want to apologize […]
  • We’re now using the Moksha submission system
    Hello! Yesterday the firehose of submissions started, and while my Google App Script to manage submissions, auto-responses, and track documents was working fine, the growing backlog of submissions and comments portends a unique kind of administrative chaotic apocalypse that I would rather not endure. Sami and I talked about it, and we both decided to […]
  • We’re increasing our per-word rate
    TL;DR: $0.08/word for the first 2000 words, then $0.02/word after that.
  • Call for Submissions
    You know what this world needs? Another place to publish your speculative fiction!