Slow and steady, we’re making progress!

This submission cycle is our most challenging one yet. On top of personal and family challenges we’re working through this year, we’ve received so many stories that we have been moving around and planning our budget to make this issue a big one.

For those of you with a story that’s been outstanding for > 7 months, thank you for your patience. Your story is likely in one of our thematic piles, and with the help of some new editors on the team we’re in the final stages of decision-making. We are ready to commit to a budget for a big issue, so I’ve been hesitant to let go of any story that resonates up until now. This month we’re giving ourselves a deadline of Halloween to make a final decision on our top ten.

If you’ve already withdrawn your story, you may receive a canned pass email as we clear out and organize the stories in our system. This is just for record-keeping purposes.

If you are still waiting on a reply, thank you again for your patience as we build our largest issue yet! We are all volunteers here with families, jobs, health issues, work issues, and community commitments. That being said, I’m aiming to resolve all outstanding stories by the end of October.

Excited, grateful, and forever thankful,