Submissions opening February 1st, 2023!

We’re opening submissions for Proton Reader Three on February 1st, 2023. Please review our submission guidelines and enjoy our first two installments of the Proton Reader experience to get a feel for the kinds of stories we publish. Sami and I will send more information as we get closer.

If you’re using social media, you can connect with us there:

We look forward to reading something from you soon!


Welcome to Proton Reader Two
A foreword by Sami Lawson

Let Our Grief Be Fruitful, At Least in This Way
A short story by Jordan Hirsch

A Cat's Duty
A short story by Spencer Koelle

The Protector of the Forest
A short story by Katie Conrad

Baby Boy
A short story by Adam Fout

The More Loving One
A short story by Scott Edelman

Welcome to Proton Reader
A foreword by Sami Lawson

Suck It Up
Flash fiction by Claire McNerney

A Mari Ad Astra
A short story by dave ring

Of Infinite Ends
A short story by Emily M. Dietrich

The End of Forever
A novelette by Amanda Cecelia Lang