We’re increasing our per-word rate

TL;DR: $0.08/word for the first 2000 words, then $0.02/word after that.

Dear writers,

My goal is to relentlessly build your trust and confidence in Proton Reader as a place where you can share your stories with the world. Being able to offer professional rates–and continued improvements toward paying you for your hard work–is an important milestone toward that goal.

Starting immediately with our inaugural issue, we are introducing a tiered payment approach in order to provide a professional rate for the first 2,000 words of short stories.

Our 2022 payment rates will be $0.08/word for the first 2,000 words, then $0.02/word after that.

Part of the soft launch was to get us past our own internal (okay, and some external) obstacles, which means that technically things are going to be subject to change. One of the things that I was really worried about was having enough budgeted for several years of content. Well, by reworking some of my personal finances, I’ll be able to not only ensure that we have the budget for two years (that’s eight issues), we will also be able to offer SFWA-qualifying rates for the first 2,000 words!

This change goes into effect immediately; if your story is slated for Issue #1, then we will have already connected about the increase in payment.

Our submission for our inaugural issue are open and we are so excited to read your stories!

See you online,