We’re now using the Moksha submission system

Hello! Yesterday the firehose of submissions started, and while my Google App Script to manage submissions, auto-responses, and track documents was working fine, the growing backlog of submissions and comments portends a unique kind of administrative chaotic apocalypse that I would rather not endure. Sami and I talked about it, and we both decided to get going on converting over to Moksha sooner than later. I knew it was a system I was going to use eventually, and the surprising popularity of Proton Reader in just our first week has definitely given me the push I needed to get migrated over ASAP.

Starting today, we’re accepting new submissions via our Moksha submission portal.

If you are an author who has already submitted a story to us via email, you do not need to do anything. We are still tracking your story in our old (but sturdy) system.

We hit the ground running with a soft-launch just a week ago, and are growing and improving literally by the hour. David from The Submission Grinder helped us clarify some of the language around our payment rates to make it less confusing; some folks have asked about becoming First Readers; several dozens of stories have poured in; we propped up a new submission system. And this is just Proton Reader stuff! I’m still working on my own fiction and Sami and I are somehow managing a house full of kids during winter break.

I’ve also added a payment calculator on the Submissions page so you can see exactly how much we would pay for the final accepted word count of a story. I haven’t seen anything like this for any magazine I read (yet!), so I hope this is a fun feature to use.

We’re so excited to read your stories as we put together our inaugural issue. Stay tuned!